Wire EDM

Consists of 4 submerged high precision Agie Charmilles machines. The larger machines have a tank size of 51”x39” and x , y , and z travel of 31.5”x21.6”x20”. This allows for large blocks weighing up to 6,600 lbs to be wire cut.

Die-Sink EDM

Consists of 2 Agie Charmilles C.N.C. sinker machines including one with a tank size of 71”X47” and load capacity of 6,600 lbs , allowing for large jobs to be die-sinked. The department is setup with Erowa , System 3R, and Hirschmann tooling.

Small Hole EDM

The spark driller/hole popper can drill holes from .45mm up to 3mm in diameter into metal regardless of hardness.